Log Procurement

The Freeman Corporation is committed to producing the finest quality veneer in the industry. Jeff Phillips, log procurement manager, and his team of highly trained log buyers are at the forefront of the quality control process. With the team of log buyers stationed from Tennessee to Quebec and from Maine to Iowa they are ideally positioned to inspect and purchase a variety of species. Additionally, the log procurement team is always on the lookout for the quality stands of timber. For more information regarding log procurement please contact Jeff Phillips at 859-355-1451, or e-mail at jeff.phillips@freemancorp.com.

Domestic Species Frequently Purchased

White Oak, Cherry, Red Oak, Walnut, Maple

Log Buyer Territories

Central Kentucky
Southern Kentucky, Tennessee
Southern Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Northern Kentucky
Eastern Kentucky
Michigan, Wisconsin, Northern Indiana
Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire, Maine
Northern Pennsylvania
Ontario, Quebec