The Freeman Corporation is well known for advanced manufacturing techniques and expertise as well as our many innovative marketing methods. Freeman produces more diversified products than any veneer mill in North America. We produce a large selection of products in multiple thicknesses, dimensions, and grain patterns on our four slicing lines and one high-speed rotary line.

The production facility operates on two shifts in most areas and normally consumes between 650,000 to 800,000 feet of logs per month. All veneer is stored in our 260,000 square foot facility with the exception of some material in storage at our warehouse in High Point, North Carolina or in Europe. Our log procurement staff of 10 full time buyers canvasses the eastern half of North America. Our nine person North America based sales team can handle any order from 1000 to 10,000,000 square feet. If you have a need which is out of the ordinary, contact us and we will probably be able to produce it.

Thin Sliced Veneer

We typically produce and inventory large volumes of veneer. We produce export style clipped and bundled veneer as well as crated and sampled domestic style production in the following species: ash, cherry, hickory, maple, poplar, red oak, white oak, and walnut. We produce the following species on an order basis: hackberry, ponderosa pine, sugar pine, carolina pine, primavera, elm, pecan, sassafras, birch, beech, basswood, and many others. Our experienced procurement staff has access to the best veneer logs to be found in North America. Our veneer minimum shipment is 1000 square feet.

Thick Sliced Veneer

We produce veneer from 1/8″ (3.175mm) to 1/25″ (1mm), primarily for the engineered flooring industry. We can sell this type of production log run or clipped to exact length and width specifications. To avoid rough cutting we always suggest 1/10″ (2.5mm) or thinner. We offer many different quality levels to enable manufacturers to get the look they want at very competitive prices.

Rotary Veneer

Our high-speed rotary line peels several truckloads of high quality veneer each day. We typically produce only North American hardwoods in thickness from 1/6″ (4.2 mm) to 1/20″ (1.27 mm). The maximum length we peel is 62″ ( 157 mm), and the maximum width is 48″ (121 mm). Our line features state of the art computer controlled water vats for bolt preparation, a modern heavy-duty lathe with charger and backup roll, and a rotary clipper with automatic defect scanning. In the spring of 2001 a new drive system will be installed as well as numerous other upgrades.

Cut to Size Veneer

Freeman has recently added equipment for producing veneer trimmed to exact length and width specifications. We do not splice this veneer, but rather only clip to exact dimensions for needs such as flooring components, doorjambs, and profile wrapped components. We have splicing capabilities for thick veneer.

Certified Veneers

Freeman was the first mill in the world to offer large volumes of certified veneers. Today we are still the world’s leading producer and marketer of FSC® certified veneers (License Code FSC-C010210). We work closely with world-class forest owners, such as Collins Pine, to be able to meet the most challenging demands. We actively buy raw material from all major high quality certified forests in North America. We track our chain of custody from the forest to the high quality veneer. Freeman is committed to our leadership in providing environmentally friendly veneer products to today’s informed consumers. Please inquire with our sales staff about our FSC® material for more information.

Imported Veneers

Freeman buyers travel all over the globe to provide our customers with the most exotic and sought after veneers found anywhere. From anegre to zebrano, chances are we have it. We presently stock over fifty species of veneer. Check out our virtual sample room to view many of our architectural flitches. Through our virtual sample room you can buy architectural flitches directly from us. Our company pioneered state-of-the-art digital photography for showing our veneer online to buyers around the world.