Plant Tour

Take a virtual tour of our facilities in Winchester, Kentucky below:


Three state of the art veneer slicers and two staylog lathes (often called a half-round) produce between 750,000 square feet and one million square feet of veneer each day. Our main species are red oak, white oak, cherry, maple, walnut, and poplar. Four modern press dryers behind the slicers produce flat, precisely dried veneer.

Grading Line

All clipped and bundled veneer is graded and priced here on the grading line. All veneer is checked out at this point for cutting quality, moisture content, and accurate clipping before it is put into a specific grade classification. In several species we make more than 30 different sorts based on appearance and length of clear cuts.

Export Showroom

Our new export showroom ensures customers can inspect parcels of veneer under the best lighting possible. All veneer is grade checked here by our sales staff before the product is sent to customers around the world.

Sample Room

Our spacious sample room is full of thousands of samples in multiple sorts representing the millions of feet of crated and sampled veneer in our warehouse. The area in the back of the room is the quality control and grading area where every piece of veneer is inspected for cutting quality. Our reputation for well-manufactured veneer is earned every day in the quality control process.


We inventory both “flitch stock”- unclipped individually crated veneer produced from single logs or pieces of logs – as well as export style, clipped and bundled veneer. Our warehouse is one of the most efficient in the industry. We can ship most any size order within two days. Orders are prepared to customer’s individual sorting and packaging requirements at this stage.

Log Yard

On our eight-acre log yard we sort logs into over 50 groups based on species, size, length, and grade. All logs are stored under water sprinkling from April through November in order to minimize staining and checking. We typically have more than 1 million feet of logs on the yard at any time.


The rotary vat (log cooking) complex can hold approximately 85,000 feet of logs to produce into rotary veneer on our high-speed line. Sophisticated computer controls ensure the best possible log preparation.


After going through the cross cutting saw and the debarking and roundup station, log sections are conveyed to the charger in preparation for peeling. This high-speed rotary line typically peels between 800 and 1400 log sections per day. We are well known in the industry for tightly peeled, high quality rotary face veneer.


Our new office and veneer sample showroom is constructed from almost a million pounds of limestone rock hand selected from local creeks. A large stained glass window and a custom made walnut door create the image of a tree that one walks through when entering our office. Inside are over one hundred veneered doors and panels that represent a wide cross section of the world’s finest veneer species. Many visitors have commented that they feel they are in a museum dedicated to beautiful wood.